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June 2012 at BEAD ROCK

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Pickering Village Jam/Jazz Festival, Art & Music – June 8 – 9 – 10

Friday night is the Rock and Roll Street Dance, Saturday will be featuring the Artisan Market, street music, international food, beer tent, belly dancers and a fashion show.  Sunday is the grand finale in the Court Yard.

Bead Rock will be selling some of our favorite jewellery pieces including the Shamballa,  the Zumba Bracelets and rings for toes and fingers.  Hope to see you all there!


Summer is here and so are all the fun and exciting Festival and Craft Shows.  Many of my customers who are preparing for their first show, would like to know what to expect and what they need to bring.  I have listed a few pointers and tips on getting ready for the shows.

Count down to the Craft Show/Festival.  Take a deep breath because this is so exciting!  I like to pack as much as I can the day before.  My theory is if anything is to go wrong it will and at the worst time possible, so being prepared early frees you up for unexpected problems to arise.

Items you will pack the day before are:

  • float and fanny pack, your float will contain change, 4 – $5.00, 2 – $10.00, 5 – $2.00 and 5 – $1.00, $60.00 in total.
  • business cards and fliers
  • banner with your logo and business name
  • table cloth and props
  • paper, pens, price tags, bags, scissors, and tape
  • tent if you are at an outdoor event, 2 chairs and table (if not provided)
  • personal items (water, aspirins, mirror, hat, sweater, food)
  • cell phone

Totes are great for carrying your craft items in and easy to store under your table when selling.  Ladies please put away your purses either lock it up in the car or place in the tote.  Extra totes are great little tables for your bags, pens, paper and coffee.

When arriving at your destination find out where you are located.  Is this location what you expected.  If it is not, now is the time to speak up.  Mistakes often happen and the earlier you catch it the faster it is to correct it.

Start setting up.  If it is outdoors, set up your tent, next find a good place to hang your banner.  If there isn’t an appropriate place then tape it to your table to hang down so customers can see your business name.

Put a tablecloth on the table, presentation is everything!  Large items to the back and smaller to the front of your table.  Don’t overcrowd  and cram in items, you don’t want to overwhelm the customer, so make it pleasing to the eye.  Take a walk around and look at your table/booth and be critical, and change things around to attract the customer.  Place your business card and fliers on the table.

Bring something along to work on it, so that the customers will see you engaging in your craft and how enthusiastic you are about your work.  Don’t look bored, customers will want to avoid you.  



June has 3 birthstones 1.  Pearl represents wealth power and longevity, Alexandrite represents balance, confidence and joy and Moonstone brings power to victory, health and wisdom to those who wear it.  Some believe it will bring good fortune, brought on by a spirit that lives within the stone.

Please go to my calendar for workshop and classes on Illusion Necklace, Crystal Clay, Circular Netting, Spiral Seed Bead Rope, Hugs and Kisses, “Y” Necklace and Basic Beading 101


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