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Bead Rock’s January 2012’s NEWSLETTER

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*New this Month – Lapidary – We are now offering to cut and polish your favourite crystal stone. We can polish it up for use as a pendant, loose crystal stone, and cabochon or paper weight.

This service starts at $10.00 and up depending on the size and requirements of the stone. $10.00 extra if the crystal stone is to be wire wrapped.

Netting Weave with pearls and delica's

*Wire Works – This is a 4 week course starting on Sat. Jan. 14/12, registration is required. Students will learn a variety of techniques from basic wiring to moderate advanced. Cost of this course is $180.00 and includes most materials. Extra cost for materials is $10.00. Tools required. Available at Bead Rock for 15% off.
Garnet – January’s Birthstone – The name garnet comes from the Latin word “Granatus” meaning “grain” or “seed”. The name was given to the garnet because of its close resemblance to the succulent pomegranate seed. Garnet is also known as the stone of passionate devotion and will assist in friendship and fellowship making you very attractive to other people by bringing out your best qualities. It aids in attracting like minded people to you, provides a stable, balanced connection between the physical, the spiritual, and the nervous system. Garnet has been also used to help blood disorders and fertility.
Calendar for January 2012 – Please check my website at for more details on the calendar

Jan. 4 & 5 @ 1:30 – 3:30 pm – Make your own large hole paper beads – how much fun can that be!

Jan. 6 – Stimulus Friday Ladies – SeedabeadaPillar – A wonderful seed bead bracelet project

Jan 7 – Beginner Beading

Jan 11 – Chainmaille – beginners

Jan. 12 – Netting weave with bicones or pearls

Jan. 13 – Stimulus Friday Ladies – Crystal Necklace Pandora Style

Jan. 14 – Wire Works

Jan. 18 –  Beginner Basic Beading Class

Jan. 19 – SeedaBeadaPillar

Jan. 20 – Stimulus Friday Ladies – Crochet Bracelet

Jan. 21 – Wire Works

Jan. 26 – Swarovski Crystal Necklace Pandora Style

Jan. 27 – Stimulus Friday Ladies & Dragon Scale Chainmaille

Jan. 28 – Wire Works


December’s Calendar 2011 and message

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Merry Christmas!

December is here:) Our aim this year is to make it a Canadian Christmas, if your lacking knowledge on how to keep our Canadian Dollar in Canada, then come on out and make your jewellery for your sweety at BEAD ROCK Store/Studio.

Bead Rock has many ideas and classes available. If your still finding it hard then what about a gift certificate, that can be purchased for a workshop and time spent with that significant other. Bead Rock will help you to achieve what you are looking for and still are having difficulty, we do custom orders too.

Be a good Canadian citizen and help our economy, Bead Rock can show you how:)

Here is a list of classes this month at Bead Rock Store/Studio

Classes for the last month of December.

December 8th – Basic Beading 101 – learn all about how to make a simple design and placement of beads and finish off your necklace. Included is simple headpin earrings. $45.00

Dec. 9th – Bead Weaving 101 – introduction to bead weaving, the road is endless.

Dec. 10th – SHAMBALLA – the most popular class in November is back! from
1:00 pm and is only $25.00

Dec. 10 – Wire Works with Kyle, this is a 4 week wire workshop
Dec. 13 – Peyote Bracelet – $45.00

Dec. 14 – Beading Babes of Durham Club, last one of the year!! Right angle weave Necklace – sparkly!! ready for Christmas and New Years!

Dec. 15 Modern Beading for Beginners – So cool, new twist to old designs, you will love it.

Dec. 16 Right Angle Weave Necklace – sparkle – sparkle – sparkle

Dec. 17 – Swarovski Christmas Spider Ornament $30.00 All incl.

Dec. 20 – Angel earrings and pendant, including the chain necklace $45.00 all incl.

Dec. 21 – Swarovski Tree of Life – $55.00 all inclusive

Dec. 22 – Pendulum workshop $45.00 all incl.

Dec. 23 – Swarovski Dome Ring – 2 rings included $45.00 all incl

Dec. 24 – Japanese Right Angle Weave – $45.00

Dec. 27 – Kids of all ages make and take Pendant and earring – boys will make robot men out of beads.

Dec. 28 – Shamballa Bracelets

Dec. 29 – Modern Wire Classes

Dec. 30 – Bead Weaving

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