Welcome to Bead Rock

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2009 at 7:00 am

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Beth and I am the owner of a small beading and jewellery supply store/studio.  Its so invigorating coming up with new and fresh ideas in the jewellery making world.  I’m also a jewellery making instructor with the city I live in.

I have just completed the curriculum for the adult 8 week  jewellery making course I’ll be teaching.   I will be posting the pictures of each project we work on.  I start with a basic stringing class, we work on easy design and colour.  The student will know what crimpers, jumprings, tiger tail, toggles, lobster claws, eye pins and earring wire are at the end of this class.

I also teach the pre-teen’s too and they learn the same technique and lingo as the adults do.

Both classes are enthusiastic about their new hobby so the following week the first 10 min. are put aside for show and tell.  Most of my students will go home and make a few necklaces/bracelets with their new knowlegde and skill.

Hobbies have many positive points, learning a new skill, builds self esteem/confidence, pride in their workmanship and completion of their project.  Hobbies lift mild depression by giving you a new interest.

Workshops and courses also help to socialize and make new friends with common interests.   Just getting out being amounst people,  learning and accomplishing something  new helps to relieve seasonal boredom.  I just read that laughing helps you loose weight!  Do you believe it?

Get out and be active and be healthy!

  1. Beth!
    You are a breath of sweet fresh air to our humble little village and we are wishing YOU all the success you can handle and all the joy, love and understanding that you are providing to every person that enters your lovely, welcoming shop!

    Rock on Girlfriend!

  2. Thank you, your too kind.

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