Happy New Years 2014

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Happy New Years 2014.


Happy New Years 2014

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Happy New Years 2014.

Happy New Years 2014

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Happy New Years fellow beader’s

2014 proves to be one heck of an exciting year!  As most of you know I love numerology, and 2014 = 7.  Year 7 is all about spirituality, symbols, getting back to nature, hidden secrets being exposed, mass awakenings and collective consciousness. So what does this have to do with jewelry.  Jewelry follows trends.  Artists pick up on these trends expressing their feeling and emotions through creating art/jewelry. 

Statements through symbols, colours, rebellion, and adventure will all be the theme this year.  Grey the colour of compromise is no longer in Vogue. Rich gold and silvers accenting jewel tone crystals and gemstones, mystical, edgy, fearless quality saying “I’m ready for equality and won’t tolerate lies and corruption.” 

Handmade jewelry is all the rage this year.  The mass produced cheaper quality jewelry is being recycled as pieces break or fall apart, incorporating it into creative new works of art.


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Crocheted cording into gold chain, then woven together with a tassel adorning in the centre

Fast, Fun and Easy is another category that my customer’s have been asking for! Everyone has left over beads and charms so why not make a stylish new ring!

I have created this new and fun bracelet with the leather cording woven through the links, again this is very easy to make up. Links are sterling silver triple plated and then a non-tarnish finish. I have called this bracelet the “Black Noddy” after the bird with it’s shinny black and silver feathers.

wpid-20131228_115508.jpg – my calendar has dates and times for classes and workshops!

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